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The maritime world is changing, so the news is. The maritime industry has experienced massive change over the past thirty years and most particularly in the last decade. There have been a significant changes and developments in the offshore industry as well.

Shipping industry serve more than 90 per cent of global trade by carrying huge quantities of cargo cost effectively, cleanly and safely. Fluctuations in this industry are very important and have direct impact on world economy itself.

Shipping has had a number of major changes in its commercial life – from sail to steam, from steam to coal, from coal to oil and now when the oil is finishing what will the ships of tomorrow turn to as a fuel source? Nuclear or solar energy perhaps? Will ship remain as the best, most economical and most environmentally friendly means of transport available?

Containerization revolutionized the shipping world once. Now the structure of shipping industry itself is changing, with Asia, notably East Asia, has become the powerhouse of world shipping business as the largest importer of raw materials and the largest exporter of manufactured goods.

In an era when equations are changing so fast, we may find it difficult to predict what the future holds for world shipping. 

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