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Regulatory Updates


Shipping industry is one of the most dynamic and vibrant economies of the world. Increasing concerns for safety of ship and shipboard personnel and measures for prevention of pollution has resulted in more stringent rules governing the construction and operation of ships. Design and operational efficiency optimization are crucial factors to cater with the ever-growing demand for marine commercial activities.

Various national and international regulatory bodies and flag states implements new regulations on matters such as construction standards, navigational rules, standards of crew competence and prevention of marine pollution to improve safety at sea, facilitate trade among seafaring states and protect the maritime environment.

Although rules for vessels for inland navigation may differ, the international rules specify that they should be as closely in line with the international rules as possible.

We keep close contact with Classification Societies and Flag States to get the latest guidelines, amendment and additions to the existing rules and requirements for both new build and existing vessels. We provide prompt, cost-effective and simple solutions in order to comply with the latest guidelines.

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