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Quality Objectives


‘Alliance Marine Solutions’ has a set of measurable, realistic and achievable quality objectives to effectuate performance improvements throughout the organization. Our quality objectives reflect our mission itself as it has been derived from our strategic planning to achieve our mission.

We measure and analyze our objectives to identify areas most in need of improvement and we take necessary actions to positively affect the objectives needing improvement. We follow strict guidelines established by our company to achieve our quality objectives by professionalism and motivation of our employees and associates.

Our major quality objectives are;
  • To provide cost conscious and prompt quality solutions.
  • To identify exact customer needs and to achieve 100% customer satisfaction
  • To achieve continual improvement in company’s activities and processes.
  • To consider the imperatives of environment.

Confirming to well set quality standards, their periodic reviews and improvements helps us to aim high and achieve our objectives.

We always listen to our customers and our service motto itself is ‘Your Expectations Set Our Objectives’. Your feedback is very important to us to set new objectives.

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