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Ethics and Integrity

To be an ethical and responsible part of the maritime community we focus on carrying out our work fairly, honestly and responsibly.

We are highly responsible to our customers, our employees, our associates, our industry and our environment. While carrying out our responsibilities, we strongly uphold our values and policies in all our activities. We have earned the respect and trust of people within a short span of time with our behavior that is honest, decent, and fair.

Our employees are highly trained and motivated to behave ethically and to respond with utmost dignity to whomever they interact, whatever they do and wherever they work. We maintain high ethical standards to create a healthy working environment in the company which enhances business efficiency and employee motivation. We actively promote a culture of responsible, ethical conduct and professional integrity and highly responsive to meeting the technical and professional aspirations of all employees.

Commitment and contribution of all our employees regardless of their diverse nationality, race, gender, and opinion is deciding our success. We value the fundamental dignity of an individual and we communicate and act in ways that respect and value the worth of all people, cultures, viewpoints and backgrounds.